View-Once’ Option for Photos and Videos Returns in Latest WhatsApp Desktop Update!

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In a move to bring back a much-loved feature, Meta has reintroduced the ‘view-once’ functionality for photos and videos in its WhatsApp Desktop version. Roughly a year ago, Meta had removed this feature from the WhatsApp apps for macOS and Windows, leading to disappointment among users. However, recent updates indicate its return to the latest WhatsApp for Desktop, spotted initially by WABetaInfo.

According to WABetaInfo, the ‘view-once’ capability is currently being rolled out across compatible WhatsApp Desktop versions, including the official macOS and Windows applications, as well as the latest iterations of WhatsApp Web. The feature is expected to extend its availability to WhatsApp for iPad soon.

The ‘view-once’ feature allows users to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once by the recipient. Conversely, if someone receives a ‘view-once’ message, they won’t be able to access it again after initially opening it. Initially removed due to privacy concerns, its reintegration is seen as a significant win for many users who found it immensely useful.

This feature’s return holds substantial importance, catering to numerous scenarios where sending or receiving ‘view-once’ media is preferred. Previously, checking ‘view-once’ messages on WhatsApp Web or the PC application necessitated switching to the phone, making cross-platform messaging cumbersome. Now, this update streamlines the experience, enabling seamless functionality across different devices.

The reimplementation of ‘view-once’ photos and videos on WhatsApp for Windows and macOS is being lauded as a handy and privacy-enhancing addition to the platform. It’s a move welcomed by users who appreciate the enhanced privacy controls it offers. What are your thoughts on this reintroduction? Do you see it as a valuable privacy feature? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.