Apple to Introduce New AI Chatbot for iPhone Users in India

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Apple is set to announce a partnership with Google to introduce the Gemini AI on iPhones by the end of the year. This collaboration aims to enhance the AI capabilities of Apple devices.

ChatGPT is likely to face competition on the iPhone soon. In a recent newsletter from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s evolving approach to AI integration was highlighted. As part of its new Apple Intelligence initiative, Apple plans to integrate Google’s Gemini chatbot into its ecosystem, providing users with advanced AI features.

Gurman suggested that Apple will announce a partnership with Google by the end of the year, which will incorporate Google AI into iPhones, enhancing the AI capabilities of the handsets, as reported by Mashable India.

Gurman wrote, “I expect an Apple deal with Google or Anthropic, and at least the former to be announced around the time Apple Intelligence launches this fall.”

This move marks a significant strategic shift for Apple, which has traditionally relied on its in-house technologies. By teaming up with Google, Apple aims to leverage Gemini’s robust capabilities to bolster its own AI offerings. The integration of Gemini means that iPhone users will be able to use Gemini for managing certain tasks, resulting in a more versatile AI experience on iOS devices, alongside existing tools like Siri.

In addition to the Gemini integration, ChatGPT will become more embedded in Apple’s ecosystem. Later this year (in 2024), ChatGPT will link up with Siri and other apps on Apple devices, providing answers when it has more relevant information than Apple’s native AI.

How Will It Work?

When users ask Siri a question, and ChatGPT has a more suitable response, Siri will prompt the user to switch to ChatGPT. This seamless collaboration between AI systems on Apple devices aims to enhance the user experience by ensuring the most capable AI handles each query.

Multiple AI Chatbots on Apple Devices

Apple has confirmed plans to support multiple AI chatbots on one device for a more convenient user experience. According to Gurman’s insights, Gemini AI will be among the first to join ChatGPT in Apple’s AI lineup.

Additionally, Apple will provide an opt-out option for users, allowing them to disable these features for a more traditional experience on their devices.

As Apple moves forward with its AI initiatives, users can anticipate a more dynamic and interactive iPhone experience, tailored by some of the leading AI technologies in the industry.