Google I/O Live: AI, Android 15, and Surprise Hardware Unveilings

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Starting at 7 PM, Google will showcase new AI achievements, Android 15, and hardware at the I/O event. Heise online will cover the event live.

It’s showtime in Mountain View: Google’s I/O keynote, a highlight of their annual calendar, kicks off at 7 PM. The spotlight is expected to be on AI technologies, including updates from Bard now termed Gemini, which might evolve into “Pixie”. Rumors have been circulating since last December about a personalized AI assistant for the Pixel 9, and Google is likely to make official announcements at this event.

Speaking of Pixel 9, it might be too early for the unveiling of Google’s upcoming smartphone generation. However, Google has historically sprinkled teasers even without full reveals. This year, the focus might be sharper as there’s no new phone in the lineup; the Pixel 8a has already been launched, and a new Fold would be a surprise. Yet, there remains a possibility for a Pixel Tablet 2, which isn’t entirely off the table. Additionally, Google might introduce new Buds and Smart Speakers.

AI Innovations: Gemini and Pixie
On the AI front, significant enhancements to Google’s Gemini model, previously known as Bard, are anticipated. Since early May, Gemini has been integrated with various Google services in Germany. Google is expected to further incorporate parts of its ecosystem with the AI model.

Android 15 is set to feature prominently, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. “Pixie,” the anticipated Pixel-Assistant, will operate based on Gemini. According to a report by “The Information”, Pixie will have access to comprehensive data from Gmail, Maps, and other Google services like Drive. Moreover, the AI model might operate partially or fully locally on Pixel phones. Google is expected to disclose more details as the evening progresses.