Free Virtualization Software Now Available for Personal Use

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Using Linux within a Windows system? Previously, setting up virtual environments to run different operating systems required payment, at least if you were using “VMware Workstation Pro” for Windows or “VMware Fusion Pro” for macOS. But that has now changed.

Instead of paying around 200 euros for a license, users can now download the software for free. However, this offer is only valid for personal use. Those who want to use “VMware Workstation Pro” commercially still need to purchase a license. The same applies to the Mac version, “VMware Fusion Pro”.

Users Must Specify Personal Use

Broadcom, which acquired the virtualization solution VMware about two years ago, explained the decision in a blog post. According to the post, there are two licensing models available: a free version for personal purposes and a paid version for commercial use. Users must indicate during the initial setup that they will use the product only for personal purposes to get full access without any cost.

With the Professional version of VMware, users can create virtual machines to run additional Windows versions or Linux operating systems alongside their main system. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to set up testing environments or try out different operating systems.

Virtualization is becoming increasingly common and can now be achieved without specialized software, for example, under Windows 11. However, professional solutions like “VMware Workstation Pro” offer significantly more features and flexibility. For instance, it allows users to quickly exchange files between different operating systems or set up shared folders. Additionally, “VMware Workstation Pro” supports around 200 guest operating systems.