‘You do not care about the widows of India,’ Says Supreme Court to Central Government

New Delhi : Upset with the centre for not coming up with a roadmap for the welfare of widows across the country despite assurance, the Supreme Court today came down heavily on the government and imposed a Rs. 1 lakh fine.

“You do not care about the widows of India. You file an affidavit and say you are not concerned with the widows of India. You have done nothing… This is complete helplessness. Government does not want to do anything,” the court said.

The Supreme Court was upset that the centre wanted more time to file its response. The Court, after imposing the fine, also granted the centre four weeks’ time.

The Supreme Court also said when it passes some directions, it is claimed that the courts are “trying to run the government”, which does not want to act.

“You (government) do not want to do it and when we say anything, you say that court is trying to run the government,” it said.
The Supreme Court was hearing the issue of the welfare of widows across the country. Initially, the Court had passed orders on Mathura widows including medical facilities, their stay etc. Later, the court expanded the scope from Vrindavan to other states.

The Court had earlier directed the National Commission for Women to visit the states and submit a report. Based on the report, the top court had asked the centre to convene a meeting and come up with a plan so that the court can pass orders accordingly.

Though the meeting was held, the centre failed to come with a roadmap today and asked for more time. This angered the court resulting in fine of Rs. 1 lakh.

Now, the court will take up the issue after four weeks.

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