Yogi’s Aren’t Able To Get Enough But PM Modi And UP’s Support Have Given Me The Whole UP: Yogi Aditya Nath

While addressing the rally Aditya Nath Yogi mentioned that onLy PM Modi made it possible to celebrate the world yoga day on such large scale and involved the whole Country. In 2016 many people joined him and made it a success.

We have made possible that we are able to use sunlight and are developing as one.

PM have made possible to made represent our country at  world level , today each and every country knows that India is developing and will come as a prosperous country in future. He also mentioned that baba Ramdev have also taken India on another level.

Before 2014 there were few people to enhance Yoga and it was seen as an communal practice but now on every 21st June it is celebrated with enthusiasm beacause of PM Modi.

Our yoga exercises are same as Muslim’s  prayers , we all are same and most of the time forget to add as one nation. Yoga adds two communities and different people together.

Demonetisation is a being implemented successfully because of the strong vision of the PM modi to make it possible.

I have learned and gained all the positivity from PM modi. And therefore there is no place for negativity.

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