Yogi Adityanath Say ‘It Was Good Enough For Lord Krishna’ Over Demonetisation

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has pointers for those who did not convinced for the benefits of Demonetisation: it was good enough for Lord Krishna.

In Lucknow speaking in an official event yesterday, the monk wearing saffron robe said, "When Sudama met Lord Krishna, he was not given money. When the transaction could take place 5,000 years ago, then today also why not today?"

Sudama goes to meet Lord Krishna, who is a childhood friend as he needs help it is in Hindu Mythology. He carries a rice in hand as an offering as he cannot buy any gifts.  Lord Krishna recognizes the humility and devotion of his friend, who fails to ask him for assistance. When Sudama comes back to his home, his cottage gets transformed into a mansion with luxuries and valuables.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November abruptly banned Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 rupee notes and declared them as illegal at a notice of just few hours. Narendra Modi said that the move will help in diminishing black money, tax evasion, corruption and terror financing. The poor is been punished by the move, but not the rich corrupt, a series of elections including in UP proved that demonetization had not turned people against the PM, as alleged by the opposition, said by the Critics. In UP the BJP party won the seats with the strongest result in the tree decades after a campaign that was entirely pitched around Mr. Narendra Modi.

The 44 year old leader Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of very new Government in India’s most populous state said that going cashless will help knock out corruption.

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