Work For Atleast 18-20 hours Or Else Quit The Job: Says Adityanath Yogi

From the day Adityanath Yogi, the new CM of UP, settled on his chair he never missed any of the meetings or talks held  in cabinet. He implemented 50 new policies to work for the points  mentioned in their agenda before PM Modi become the PM of the most populous country and for that to happen he wants each and every Government employee to work of minimum 18-20 hours, or quit the job.

The 44-year-old Yogi Adityanath, has stressed that all his policies will be fair and enforced equally upon all sections of society and will work for all communities without any distinction between the caste and gender. As CM said on the day he was back to Gorakhpur and where he took his oath, that- "Na jaati, na mazhab," all will be taken together towards growth and development.

And also he have started many other strict action against the unwanted things in UP like Anti Romeo Squad and ban of tobacco and pan masala. While the promise to shut illegal slaughterhouses was one of the promise made in the BJP manifesto, they are working for all possible ways.

“There will be development for all but appeasement of none,” he also added in a dig at the erstwhile Samajwadi Party government, who were often accused of appeasing the minorities.

The Chief Minister has said that while implementation of all the strict actions it would be difficult to manage and therefore need everyone to work. And party will not  turnaround any step behind, this can be a challenge, his government will not be found wasting efforts.

Yesterday, during a triumphant return to his home town of Gorakhpur, the Chief Minister warned, "Those who can work for 18-20 hours every day can remain with us, others can go their own way."

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