Woman Axed To Death By A Man, Then Shoots The Video After The Murder

A young man of Ludhiana axed a 40 year old woman to death. The incident happened in Punjab's Kila Raipur village which is near to Ludhiana, this took place on Sunday morning when the woman named,  Sarbjit Kaur was coming back to home.

Maninder Singh, the accused attacked the woman with an axe repeatedly near her neck and chest till she died, reported police.

The witnesses of the incident are unknown but quite surprisingly the accused himself shoot an video after the murder and was holding the camera near to his face and showing the dead body behind her which is lying in pool of blood. He also uttered few words in the end of the video.

After the murder, Maninder Singh himself informed the police and confessed about the crime. Dhruman Nimbley who is the Deputy Commissioner Police in Ludhiana told the news agency PTI that, "The accused informed the police control room after the incident,  following which he was arrested'.

The complaint of the incident is been filed by Sarbjit's daughter, Lakhwinder kaur in the nearby police station in Dehlon.

In preliminary investigation it is discovered by the police that the victim already knew about Maninder's affair with another woman of the same village. Maninder also claimed that he was being blackmailed and constant blackmailing leads to the murder.

The investigation is under way.

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