‘With Surgical Strikes, India Proved…’ PM Modi In US: Highlights

After a brief stop in Lisbon, Portugal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in United States in the second leg of his three-nation tour. The last destination is the Netherlands. This is PM Modi's fourth visit to the US, where he forged a close relationship with former US President Barack Obama and called the US "an indispensable partner". However, this is his first visit to US after the Trump administration came to power early this year.

A senior White House official told reporters that President Donald Trump's first working dinner with a foreign leader will be with the Indian Prime Minister. The two leaders will meet at 3:30 pm EST on June 26, and will deliver a joint statement along with individual statements. But there will be no press meet, "as preferred by both leaders". The first face-to-face interaction between Mr Trump and PM Modi is expected to focus on three major areas -- defence, terrorism and energy.


Here are the live updates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the United States:



PM concludes his address by thanking Indians in US for their support 

- We are trying to fulfil all our responsibilities. 

- I thank you for your support. 

If any ministry has fully utilised social media tool, it is our Foreign Ministry and minister Sushma Swaraj. Even at 2 am, Sushma ji responds to an Indian in distress and action is taken within 24 hours. This is good governance.


PM showers praised on External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj

-In the last 3 years, the External Affairs Ministry has touched new heights. Whenever 80,000 Indians anywhere around the world faced any trouble, the government strived to get them home safe. 

-Today, whenever an Indian faces any problem, the Indian Embassy is there for them. 

-An Indian went to Malaysia. She met someone and went to Pakistan. But her life was hellish there. She was trapped. 

-Then, she made up her mind and went to the Indian High Commission in Pakistan. 

-Eventually, she was safely brought back to India and received by Sushmaji. Today, whatever letters I get from abroad, they praise the changes in Embassies and High Commissions

Modi informs the gathering about the Pravasi Bharatiya department in India 
The US is full of immigrants. But the love an Indian like me has got from the Indian diaspora here, I don't think any other leader gets that.

But what after that? I wonder if the next generation will stay connected to India. 

Every Indian state has a Pravasi Bharatiya department. We also have a Pravasi Bharatiya Bhavan.

"I invite you all. If you think your capabilities can do some good for the country, then you won't get a better opportunity than this," says PM Modi

- A young country dreams young. 

- Foreign Direct Investment is coming to India. Global credit agencies including World Bank and International Monetary Fund are applauding India. 

- The world views India as a top investment destination. 

- But along with these, innovation, technology and talent is crucial.


If you want to give back to India, this is the best time to do so: PM urges the Indian community in USA

Not a single country questioned our decision: PM on India's surgical strike

- Today, the world is facing the threat of terrorism. 

- Countries used to believe it was a local law and order problem. 

- But when India conducts surgical strikes, then the world realises that India, if needed, can defend itself. 

- We follow global principles because that's our nature. We believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam

- We can take strong measures to defend our sovereignty and peace within the purview of global norms and laws.

- The world could've accused us during surgical strikes. They could've criticised us. 

- But not a single country questioned our decision. 

Just two days ago, we launched 31 nano satellites. Last month, we created a world record.. launched 104 satellites which took the world by storm. .

(104 satellites were launched from the spaceport of Sriharikota)

Will provide gas connections to 5 crore poor families, explains PM Modi

-In the next three years, we want to provide gas connections to 5 crore poor families. It hasn't been 10 months of the scheme and we have already provided connections to one crore households.

-We also transfer the subsidy directly into their bank accounts. 

-When we opened bank accounts of the poor, they said, "You've opened accounts but there is no money". But we transferred the subsidy directly to accounts. 

-Through Direct Benefit Transfer, we identified ghost accounts and saved a lot of money.

Many Indian families have given up their LPG subsidies: PM Modi
- I urged the rich to give up their gas subsidies. 1.25 crore families gave up their subsidies for the benefit of the poor. This proves that the common man wants to contribute to the growth of the country. 

- After they gave up their subsidy, we provided the money to those who use wooden chullahs and the labourers. 


Healthy India requires healthy mothers, asserts PM Modi 
"When I think of a developed India, I think of a healthy India, particularly the good health of the women and children of our nation," PM Modi invokes importance of healthcare relating it to use of LPG. Explains how inhaling fumes of chullahs is detrimental to the health of women across India



PM defends his 'stain-free' government in the country

-The reasons governments have been defeated in India are things like corruption and cheating. People of India do not like corruption.

-There is not a single stain on my government. 

-Increased usage of technology brings transparency in systems

India is progressing at a record pace today, says PM Modi 

The biggest transformation India has witnessed today, which I experience everyday, is that every Indian wants to do something - doing something - for the development of the country: PM Modi

And as you grew, so did the USA, PM Modi tells Indian community in US
You found a favourable environment in the USA which enabled you to grow. And as you grew, so did the USA: PM Narendra Modi.

You may have left India... But, you celebrate whenever something good happens in India. And you weep when something bad happens, says the Prime Minister.

"In this programme, I see both a mini-India and a mini-USA. People from all the states of both the nations are represented here today": PM Modi says amid cheers from the Indian community members attending his address in Washington DC.

After I became PM, you organised so many events which the world still remembers. Even global leaders identify me by those events, says PM Modi.

India -Americans are gathering at Virginia for PMModi's community reception.



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