Why go for Law: Debate among the Youth

While each job is reputed in its own way, there is something in being a lawyer that is listed below which will end the current debate that concerns with this topic.

  • Salary Prospects: - The most famous characteristic associated with law is its salary prospects. But just remember success should not be understood as being rich so it’s your talent and abilities that will provide you with success.
  • Argument Formation: - Since the personal is not different from political or the private by default has to merge with professional, your ability to structure arguments will not only help you at professional level but will give you a reputed identity at a social scale.
  • Agency: - Being a lawyer, one can have agency to decide own working hours, fees and hence can go for a self made comfortable zone.
  • Centre of Society: - A lawyer is considered to be at the centre of society because his job by and large contributes towards betterment of society.
  • Increasing Social Network: - In this tech savvy world of social networking sites, everyone has confined themselves to the limited world of phones/ computers. This job will let you explore the real human psyche which eventually helps you in the professional life.
  • A true World: - The modern life is ensnared by the virus of Corruption and Black Money and lawyers are in fact famous for being a part of this virus. If you have you principles established over the currency of truth then you will be no less than the ‘messiah’ for the “poor” voice.

And hence the debate resolves here.

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