Whether We Call Her Mother, Mom or Maa Wordsmith Munawwar Rana Knows Better Than All

Mother, she nurtures her little love in her womb and devotes all her life to their well-being. In return of her altruistic love, she does not want anything in return. Truly, mothers are God’s archangel on this planet earth, they are the greatest teacher of kindness and love for us all.



Do you remember when it was the last time when you told your mom that how special she is or how much she means to you? A particular day isn’t enough to express your emotions that how you feel. We all celebrate Mother’s day on every second Sunday in the month of May.



Story goes all way back to the year 1905, after the death of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, her daughter Anna Maria Jarvis vowed to fulfil her mother’s dream of observing Mother’s Day. Anna was a social activist who organised events called- Mother’s Day Work Club to reduce infant mortality. She then made untiring efforts to meet Thomas Woodrow Wilson (28th President of USA) and took her sign on proclamation on 9th May, 1914. Then declared the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.



There are numbers of Indian and worldwide wordsmiths who use to write on genre of mother or mother’s love. But there is only one writer whose writing on mother inspires us most and make us fall for our माँ over and over again, tells us how great she is, how much she loves us and makes us realize that there is always someone who will love us selflessly till the end, that person or we call him person of those magical words is Munawwar Rana.



Munawwar sahib knows that how to pen down those nostalgic moments of childhood which we had spent with our mothers, how much she means to us, how much she had sacrificed and from how much troubles she goes through daily just to keep us safe and happy. He not only aaddresses to mother but to other women as well as to sister and daughter. Otherwise, firstly poems on women only stays till mehbooba and about their beauty.



Without wasting time just look at few of his masterpieces














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