Holi Special : What’s Wrong With Holi : Read Here

1- People go wild with holi

Holi is to rejoice with our family and friends, those who are beloved and close to our hearts.  When pretty faces are covered with the bright colours it just takes another spark of glory.  But when people took their intentions in a negative way its no more a celebration, especially for girls its too hard to play holi.
It's only this time that more people feel free to do anything and everything from molestation to wrong touching its no more a fun to play.

holi-celebration_650x400_514892849042- Your target are not Dogs

People know the significance of Holi and celebrate it and can remove the colours applied to their body but what about dogs not only its hard for them to get it removed it also creates allergy symptoms to them and what can be the worst if these colours are applied intentionally on their faces which can make them go blind if excessively used.
Many dogs are harmed during holi intentionally or unintentionally.

holi-no-dog-color-13- Fun or trouble with balloons

The most enjoyed part about holi is Balloons, when children fill water in the balloon and throw them wherever they find it suitable its a major issue and not a fun.  Throwing them on strangers is worst one can do not everyone like holi dont preassume it.  And it can cause accidents too if thrown on a moving car which can distrub the Driver.

Holi Ballons4- Colours should be played with, not Water

Holi itself defines colours, we people to make it more fun added water to play, without realizing we are not only one family doing this there are millions to do the same.  And when million tons of water is wasted in just few hours, you can know what it mean.

holi-colours_650x400_814892844895- Go slow on Alcohols

To rejoice people also intake some alcohol, for adults its fine but when it is consumed by teenagers it causes them to puke and affect their bodies. This day is also famous for false drinks which are considered to be thandai but include Alcohol and is purposely given to someone targeted.

The above mentioned things were not something out of box it was common that everyone knows.  But can't be correct them just for the sake of festival,  lets not ruin it, celebrate it.
Happy Holi From DAILY ADDAA

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