What is the motive of Demonetisation? : Rahul Gandhi from Gujarat

Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Congress) accuses Mr. Modi  for being a liar and he started a “mega event” which he named as “drama” of Demonetisation.  He addressed a large number of audience at Gujarat today bringing forth real intentions of Mr. Modi behind the decision of Demonetisation.

He questions why Mr. Modi attacked 99% common man and not those “50 families”. This is not a surgical strike but has in fact done “firebombing” on common man, according to Mr. Rahul. He calls Mr. Modi as an “event- manager”.

Only 6% black money is in form of cash and 94% is in real estate, gold and international market.  Farmer or middle class man takes loan and if does not return the money, he is sent in jail but if the rich man does the same then he is called "non- performing asset”. He says these handful of rich people have made PM Modi.  He brings about the real motive of Demonetisation which he claims is snatching money from poor man and to nurture the rich people.

He says that the motive of Demonetisation is also that Mr. Modi intends to keep money of common man in the bank for about six or seven months so that he can help the rich man with the same money. This money shall be used to provide loan to the upper class people. He also questions Modi’s proposal of cashless economy.

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