What does the Government has in store for UP? : PM Modi from Lucknow : Highlights

• Addressing an audience of lakhs in Lucknow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleverly stroked Congress, Mayawati's BSP and Samajwadi Party without taking any names.
• HE said that opposition believe in removing Modi while he himself believes in removing Corruption.
• Manish Tewari (Congress) retaliated and said that Mr. Modi forgot to mention that there is a party which is dividing the country on the basis of caste and religion.
• Dalit icon Mayawati refused to accept that about 100 crores deposited in two accounts are linked to her party.
• The Congress which has already faced losses in a long list of elections seems to have abandoned its campaign in Uttar Pradesh.
• The Samajwadi Party which is grabbing many eyeballs currently seems to have fallen apart due to the father-son battle.
• The PM said that UP has only one option named BJP. He equated UP’s want of development with his party’s fourteen year absence from governing the state.
• In his New Year’s Eve televised speech, the PM came out with financial benefits for Farmers, small traders and medium-sized entrepreneurs. This will be his agendas for UP as well which up till now has been short of development.

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