What did New Year bring for women?

New Year’s Eve in Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar area showcased another shameful act in which a cop was allegedly attacked by a mob for protecting a girl from molesters. Police officials have given their best and scanned several CCTV footages and identified pictures of three suspects.

Molestation charges have been added to the complaint which was initially restricted to the case of rioting and assault.

Several cases of molestation and sexual assault came up on New Year’s Eve to give a hideous view of the country.

A woman on a bike was harassed in Delhi and when a constable intervened, a large mob attacked cops and managed to free the detained suspects.

In Karnataka, a woman was groped by two men in the Karnataka Capital on New Year’s eve as she was on her way home. Pedestrians on the street silently witnessed the whole episode instead of helping the victim. Four out of a gang of six accused people have been arrested.

Women were molested during the celebrations at MG Road and Brigade Road in the city in Bengaluru. Inspite of almost 1500 policemen being deployed in the area, goons on bikes molested the women.

The counting of such incidents is never ending and this is something shameful for the entire country. The country posses people who are directly involved in the crime and also those who merely watch or ignore the crime and in the process become indirect participants of the misconduct. A time when women and men will stand on the same platform and have an equal number of audiences to listen to their voice is yet to come.


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