West Bengal’s First Legally Married Transgender Couple Has Redefined ‘Love’

No matter how structured our society has become, our mind, desires and emotions does not work like defined structures. It’s fortunate that this idea is slowly being recognised even by our legal system now.

Ghatak, a transgender woman had socially married Sanjay Muhuri in a traditional Bengali wedding last year. Their marriage became extra special as they got it legally registered last weekend. Well, love does not really need any legal sanction but since this is the centre of society its approval is indeed approval of entire society giving respect to another aspect of humanity.

Ghatak and Sanjay met in school, and had been friends since they turned 14 but the love story was not obviously a smooth one.

“It was just like any woman gets attracted towards a man. But it was so confusing for me," Ghatak told. She also said that she felt like being “trapped in man’s body” and no one in the family understood her “strange” feelings.

Some people can't identify with the definitions that the modern world has given and hence such people end up forcing the entire system to reconsider those definitions. This couple has challenged what the modern world failed to consider and then could anything stand in front of love?

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