Water Turns Red When A Mysterious Creature Washes Ashore In Indonesia

Locals at the Hulung Beach in Indonesia on 10th May found a giant carcass washed up on the shore. As per the Beritasatu.com the beached up carcass was spoted by Asrul Tuanakota. He is the local resident of the village. Especially as the creature the unusual discovery started to turn the waters around it red, has attracted the marine scientists and scores of local to the area.

Posted by Mbs Sangadji on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reports initial speculated, it could be a giant squid or sperm whale, a museum officer Marcus Chua at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, said Mashable that the carcass appears to be that of a baleen whale.

The 15 meters long creature weighs a whopping 35 tons, as per the Detik News.


On YouTube the videos of the gigantic creature have found their way. In the video below water is seen turning red,

The rotting of carcasses is not the first case which is attracting people. In February earlier this year, the locals were left baffled when the huge hairy creature washed up on a Philippines beach.

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