Watch Video. This Lucknow Firm Wants To Deliver Your Food… Via Drones

Online Kaka is a localized online food delivery platform in the City of Nawabs that wants to do something different... it wants to deliver your food to you with the help of drones. If they are successful in getting approval for this scheme, they could become the first such company in north India to do this, and only the second company in India after a pizza delivery chain in Mumbai. "The traffic conditions in Lucknow right now are very poor," says Vivek Kumar, the social media manager of the company, in a conversation with NDTV. "By using drones, we want to reduce the delivery time to 1/3rd of the current time, which is 45 minutes."

Online Kaka is the brainchild of Ahad Arshad and Mohd Bilal, who are working on the project and are in touch with authorities to get approval for it. "We have sent a letter to the DM of Lucknow asking for permission to let us to use drone for delivering food. The civil aviation ministry is also waiting for a nod from the Government of India," says Mr Kumar.

Watch the video of the drone in action below:




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