After Waking Up In Morning By Azaan Sonu Nigam Calls It A ‘Gundagardi’

Sonu Nigam Called It A ‘Gundagardi’ When He Waked Up By Morning Azaan

Sonu Nigam is an Indian Play Back Singer, Sonu Nigam have sung many songs for Bollywood as well as for Kannada movies. Sonu Nigam also sang songs in many different languages like Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Nepali and many more. Sonu Nigam also featured I many movies. Singer Sonu Nigam complaints about being woken up by the Morning Prayer or Azaan.

Sonu Nigam have escalated into a controversy, due to his ranted against of using Loudspeaker to call the faithful in a series of his tweets, Sonu Nigam also clears the oppose to increase the decibel levels from temples, gurudwaras and Mosque as well.

Here are the tweets Sonu Nigam posted on his twitter account,


Sonu Nigam began the rail of his tweets and stated in his last tweet ‘Gundagardi.’ Which created the noise amongst the people. As he do not believe in any of the Temples, Gurudwara or Mosques.

Sonu Nigam sang many of the super hits for the top rated stars in the Bollywood Industry. Sonu Nigams famous songs are: Kal Ho Na Ho, Abhi Mujhme Kahin, Main Agar Kahoon and many more.

Sonu Nigam was recently seen in India Idol 9 as a judge, Sonu Nigam also teamed up with Sachin Tendulkar on his debut album, Cricket Wali Beat.

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