VVPT To Be Used From Next Election, Centre Clears 3,000 Crores

In 2019, the next general election will be held with the newest Electronic voting machines that print a paper receipt for each vote cast. Arun Jaitely, Finance Minister have announced today that 3174 crores for 16 lakh odd machines to BEL ECIL released by the centre. It will be ready by September 2018, needed for Election Commission.

The Opposition party have attacked on the machines newly due to the use as being vulnerable to rigging, according to the decision comes.

The Supreme Court said in the year 2013 that the Election Commission should introduce the new machines and to be called as VVPATs (machines with Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail) in phases. The 2019 national election should run entirely with the upgraded machines said by the Court. The time is running out to place the order for VVPATs as it is warned by Election Commission.

Election Commission and Centre is been asked from the Supreme Court to clear the delay for the switching to VVPATs which function: when a button is pushed to choose a candidate on a voting machine, a slip of paper shows the party symbol of the candidate selected. The receipt is visible to the voter for a few seconds before it drops into a sealed box.

Mayawati’s BSP and other opposition parties have asked the top court to order VVPATs to use in all elections, if it is not possible then India will have to return to Ballot Papers system. The case was filed after BJP’s outsized victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand in March. Where the voting machine was gamed in favour of BJP.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister was the first opposition leader to advice that machines should be rigged to help BJP, he said, this was the only explanation for his Aam Aadmi Party falling well short of winning February's election in Punjab. Mr Kejriwal further added that next week's municipal corporation election in Delhi should either be conducted with VVPATs or ballot paper, but was turned down by the Election Commission.

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