VK Sasikala Starts Her Journey As Prisoner 10711

Ms Sasikala Imprisoned In Bengaluru 

VK Sasikala has been sentenced to four years in prison for corruption in a case which involves J Jayalalithaa who died in December and was the leader of Tamil Nadu's ruling party, the AIADMK. She drove up to a prison in Bengaluru, this evening. The 61-year-old after paying tribute at Ms Jayalalithaa's memorial left Chennai in the morning.

Currently, she is a prisoner at the same jail where Ms Jayalalithaa and she were kept for around three weeks in 2014 when they were first imprisoned for corruption. According to sources, Ms Sasikala has asked for a cell which comes with a table and fan, some of non-vegetarian meals every week, guaranteed round-the-clock medical assistance if sought and a space to meditate.

Till last morning, Ms Sasikala was plotting to be Chief Minister but the Supreme Court invalidated those plans by stating that in the early 90s, during Ms Jayalalithaa's first term in office, the two women conspired on a get-rich-quick scheme that included forcing owners of real estate to sell them land at big discounts. Ms Sasikala will start her term as Prisoner 10711.

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