Any Violence At My Rallies Won’t Allows Me To Be Sued Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump claims that he can't be sued, if any violence occurred in his rallies as he won the elections. As Last year some protesters from a campaign rally sued Donald Trump and claimed that the future president urged his supporters to assault them.

For now as Trump is the president,  he claims he won immunity along with the election and can't be sued for the violence in his rallies.

"Mr. Trump is immune from suit because he is President of the United States," his lawyers wrote Friday, answering for a complaint filed by three protesters who claimed Trump created a riot against them at a Louisville event in March 2016.

Trump's team challenged the accusations. However, a federal judge rejected the protesters attempt to have the lawsuit thrown out against Trump earlier this month.

And in another new filing in the same case, which claimed that "Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly urged people attend Trump's political rallies to remove individuals who were voicing opposition," reads Bamberger's filing, which asks that Trump be forced to pay his damages, if he's found liable.

A week later, when protesters interrupted Trump in Louisville, the candidate responded with scattered commands: "Get them out," "get him the hell out," "don't hurt them."

"If I say, 'Don't hurt them,' then the press says, 'Well, Trump isn't as tough as he used to be,'" Trump said at one point.

The protesters wants to get Trump liable for any violence in rally but Mr. Trump denied the fact.

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