Video Shows Clashes Of Indian, Chinese Soldiers At Ladakh

NEW DELHI: Five days after a scuffle between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh, a video of the clash has surfaced today. The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows many soldiers from the two countries punching and kicking each other and throwing stones.

Sources say there were two dozen Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel and nearly three dozen Armymen at the spot; the Chinese troops had similar numbers.

Authorities have confirmed the authenticity of the video to dailyaddaa.

The incident took place on Independence Day when Chinese troops tried to enter Indian terrain along the banks of the Pangong Lake but were stopped by Indian soldiers.

The two-hour long stand-off was brought under control after a drill which sees both sides holding up banners proclaiming their rights over the disputed area before stepping back to their respective positions. Following the scuffle, Brigadier level officers also met in Chushul in the Ladakh area to try and find a way to bring down tensions in the region.
The clashes in Ladakh are the first of their kind in years. India and China frequently accuse each other of intrusions into each other's territories, but violence of any sort is rare.

The two armies are already engaged in a stand-off in the Doklam plateau across the border in Sikkim. Neither India nor China has shown any sign of backing off from a face-off that began nearly two months ago when Indian soldiers entered the Doklam plateau to stop the Chinese army from constructing a road.

China says that the plateau, which it calls Donglang, is a part of its territory and it has every right to build a road there. India and Bhutan claim the land belongs to the Himalayan kingdom. Delhi says it had warned Beijing that the road would be a serious security concern because it changes the status quo at the tri-junction of the borders of India, China and Bhutan.

The stand-off has so far involved about 300 soldiers on each side standing a few hundred feet apart.

India has offered that both sides withdraw troops to engage in dialogue, but China has refused that option, though it cedes that diplomatic channels remain open.





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