US belongs To All Nations: Ex-Iran president wrote a letter to US president Donald Trump

Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump saying US Belongs to all nations.This come after the Trump's immigration ban barring citizens of Seven Muslim Majority nations including Iran from entering the US.

Around 10 Lakh Iranians live in America and US should respect the diversity of nations added former Iran President.

US President Donald Trump already said he would round up and send home up illegal immigrants living and working in America, 5 million of whom are thought to be Mexican which can easily show up in US.

US President Donald Trump announced to build a strong and beautiful wall around US and Mexico border to stop the immigrates from around the country, is also one of his policy to help US People,  and that is resulting into unemployment for many Non-Americans who migrated. He is planning to cover 1,000 miles to construct a wall and natural obstacles will take care of the rest.

Its not that only Mexico is facing such circumstances, many countries are included which are facing issues from the time Donald Trump is the President of US,  after jobs turmoil in Mexico,  trade war with china also occurred in which
he is considering to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports and as US is one of the singal biggest exporter with around 20% of total exports of china it will affect china badly.

People are calling this as Trump era. Where US is slowly and gradually being isolated due to different policies of Trump.
Many people are not satisfied by what's going on in US and former Iran President is one of them.

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