Unique Elections So Far To Be Held In Manipur: Irom Sharmila To Contest

The Manipur elections which are going to be held in two phases on 4th and 7th march in Manipur have a unique significance this time. The reason behind this is that Irom Sharmila is leading the party. She is civil right and political activist, and also a poet from the Manipur. On 2 November 2000, she began a hunger strike which she ended on 9 August 2016, due that today she holds the world record for “longest hunger strike” for approximately 16 years.

After the hunger strike was over she established her party named PRJA (people resurgence and justice alliance) and now will fight against AFSPA and she would contest the polls to bring positive changes to Manipur.

In 2014 she declared, she will contest in upcoming election and the reason is she will fight against the controversial armed forces AFSPA (The armed forces special power act), under this act the armed forces were given extraordinary powers including from legal action and the licence to shoot to kill and arrest people without obtaining warrants. And Irom is against AFSPA strongly.

There are two most significant things about this election as the symbol of the party is “whistle” and due to lack of funds in this party people are purchasing and promoting whistles in huge numbers and supporting this party by playing them on street which indicate they will support the PRJA. And the second most significant thing is Irom is going to promote her party on bicycle. This is going to be unique has no other party has taken such an initiative, daily she is riding her bicycle for 15-20 km to promote her party PRJA, people are appreciating this effort.

After Being a iron women of Manipur, Irom said she is contesting the elections for a positive in change in Manipur.

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