Unforgettable: The Final Trailer Is Out

"She's American statessing with me." Ugh. Another trailer for this movie. Warner Bros has released a second trailer for the romantic adventure story titled unforgettable, a few vindictive girl who sets dead set out life hell for her ex-husband's new wife. The man-in-the-middle is contend by Geoff Stults, and also the 2 girls are contend by Katherine Heigl with some spectacular blonde hair, and Rosario town.

The film is additionally a reunion for Heigl and director Denise Di Novi, as they antecedently collaborated on Life as we all know It. The cast includes young actor Isabella Rice, Simon Kassianides, Whitney author, Robert knowledge and Cheryl Ladd. This is often AN ironic title, as a result of this picture show looks instantly unmemorable, and for sure it's reaching to be sitting within the discount Bin in an exceedingly few months. This appearance is terrible, even with these 2 girls leading the cast.

Heigl stars as Tessa Connover, who is barely addressing the top of her wedding once her ex, David (Stults), becomes mirthfully engaged to Julia Banks (Dawson)—not only conveyance Julia into the house they once shared however conjointly into the lifetime of their female offspring, Lilly (Isabella Rice).

Making an attempt to settle into her new role as a better half and a stepparent, Julia believes she has finally met the person of her dreams, the person who will facilitate her place her own troubled past behind her. However Tessa's jealousy before long takes a pathological flip till she is going to stop at nothing to show Julia's dream into her final nightmare. Unforgettable is directed by veteran producer Denise Di Novi, creating her directorial debut. The script is by David Leslie Johnson and Christina Hodson. WB releases unforgettable in theaters beginning on Apr twenty first this spring.

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