UEFA Europa League : Manchester United will face Rostov In The Last – 16

Jose Mourinho team Manchester United will face Russian club Rostov in the last - 16 of the UEFA Europa League.

As reported to UEFA coefficients, Rostov is the lowest - ranked team larboard in the tournament.

The Red Devil, the only resting English Club in the tournament, is a three - time champion although has never won the second - tier tournament.

Friday's draw formed an clash between Gent and Genk, apart the second all - Belgian matchup in the past of UEFA Competitions. Ligue - 1 side team Lyon, concurrently will be an all Bundesliga climax between Schalke and Borussia Moenchengladbach.

The first legs will be face on March 9, with the second legs a week following.

The final will be showcasing in Stockholm ( Capital of Sweden ), on May 24. The winner advance entry to next season UEFA Champions League.

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