‘Types Of Girls At A Wedding’ Trending On You Tube : Sexist or Receptive

Did you ever wonder that marriage which is legally and religiously sanctioned institution all across the world in fact differs a lot when we move from one culture to another?  Of course, rituals and traditions play a great role.

But there is something that we find common in almost every wedding be it Punjabi or Gujarati or even Christian for that matter. That is celebration and what do we do as humans when it comes to celebration? We dance, sing, have good food and capture the moments by our very new style of selfies.

According to a video that's trending on YouTube, wedding guests can be classified into seven types,. The video is titled as 'Types Of Girls At A Wedding’ and was posted on January 18, shows the seven kinds of 'girls' you're likely to meet at weddings. Now as we talked about the wedding in terms of people without classifying them into gender, we would also like to mention that the title in this sense is definitely offensive. Dancing, Singing and clicking photographs is not the job of women particularly. Well, they have better business too.

The video is a must watch as you can relate to it for sure. Do meet the seven types of people in the wedding and then relate it to your uncles or aunties or any other relative. Let us know if you found those seven kinds in your family or you do not want to recognise the sexist gaze altogether.

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