Two Major Steps Of New CM: To Ban Tobacco And Make UP A Safer Place for Women

UP  is about to turn to another level as  people who  have been standing near colleges and public places to molest women and girls are going to suffer as UP's new CM Yogi Adityanath have taken a strict action against the road side romeos. 
He also mentioned other parties have failed to do so but now UP will not suffer and girls and women will be safe to go around.

anti_romeo_squadThree men were arrested yesterday in Lucknow and a group of boys were forced to do sit ups. Also in Meerut,  some teens were questioned. This initiative is taken to make UP a better and safe place for women.

Yogi Adityanath on Monday came with a plan to improve law and order. "The idea is to reclaim public spaces and make them safe for women", said Uttar Pradesh Police Chief Javeed Ahmed.

Many rules and regulations have been passed to various police stations to tackle with such situations although no clear orders are precise on where to draw the line before policing becomes harassment.

CM Yogi Adityanath have also protested against "Love Jihad" in which Muslim boys marrying Hindu girls, he want to stop love jihad that targets innocent girls,  and now have come up with such an action against Road side Romeos known as 'Anti Romeo Squad'.

These cases are actually needed to be tracked in a State like UP, which is so populous and is going towards developments. The step of UP's CM Yogi Adityanath is appreciated and is the main keyword in their manifesto in Assembly Elections 2017.

And also Yogi Adityanath,  the new CM of UP took no time to ban the tobacco and Paan Masala in all the Government offices in the states of UP.  This came after he visited old chief Minister's office in Lucknow, the 44 year old priest turned politician took few minutes to pass this order.

This morning, when the new CM visited old office and saw the Paan's stains on the walls, immediately  said to ban the Paan and betel nuts.
Deputy Chief Minister Keshav prasad Maurya said the Chief Minister had "advised"  against the use of Paan Masala,  plastic and tobacco in government buildings and offices.

The New CM is all set within one day to make new law and orders and said to complete all the things mentioned in the manifesto of their Assembly elections 2017.  The Chief Minister had also administrated a cleanliness pledge to top officials.

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