This TV Anchor’s Body Transformation Is Inspiring

The most favourite anchor of not only Bollywood but also India is Maniesh Paul, who has been anchored many reality shows, Award functions and even showed up in movies. He did not do well in the film industry but in TV  Maniesh Paul is the star of Anchors, he is one of the gem who makes people laugh and cry at the both time. This hottie is all set to be the part of ‘Da-Bang’ a Salman Khan’s world Tour. For which he is preparing himself and he is even planning to go shirtless on the stage along with Salman Khan.

Maniesh Paul in talks with DNA admitted that he was scared for the very first time because he was not even closed to being fir as he used to be earlier, after his fractured hand he did not worked out for months.

Maniesh Paul said, ‘Naturally, I got scared when I got the call. I told them my condition and for which they said, ‘Don’t nag, this will take place next year, I was over happy and decided that if I have to go with Salman Sir, I have to not only be as fit as him but also build my physique in such a way that I should be able to go on stage shirtless like him!’

Look at the transformation of Maniesh Paul, it is like Now and then scene for him. Here you go,

Healthy Mind , Healthy Body and most importantly Healthy Soul.. #worldhealthday #healthyeating #health #workout

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This is an amazing transformation of Maniesh Paul!


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