From Trump Administration, Indian-American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy To Step Down

General Vivek Murthy Indian-American who is a Surgeon, is been appointed by the previous Obama regime. To put his own leadership the Trump administration has asked to step down in place.

The US Department of Health and Human Services stated yesterday that, ‘The leader of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, Vivek Murthy was asked today to resign from the duty as a Surgeon General after subsidiary in a smooth transition into the Trump Administration.’

Further the statement added by saying, “Vivek Murthy has been relieved of his duties as Surgeon General and will continue to serve as a member of the Commissioned Corps.”

In a Facebook post, Vivek Murthy 39, the 19th Surgeon General and the first Indian American to hold this position said, it was an honour and privilege to work for this prestigious position. Vivek Murthy further added, "For the grandson of a poor farmer from India to be asked by the President to look out for the health of an entire nation was a humbling and uniquely American story. I will always be grateful to our country for welcoming my immigrant family nearly 40 years ago and giving me this opportunity to serve."

Rear Admiral Sylvia TrentAdams is the replacement of Vivek Murthy, who is a Deputy Surgeon General currently.

The Official stated that, "(Health and Human Services) Secretary (Tom) Price thanks him for his dedicated service to the nation. Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, who is the current Deputy Surgeon General, will serve as the acting Surgeon General and assume leadership of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps."

Vivek Murthy is the second Indian-American to by remove by Trump Administration from the senior position. The First was the US Attorney from New York Preet Bharara, he was fired as he did not resigned.

On a Facebook post he wrote, "As my colleague Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams takes over as Acting Surgeon General, know that our nation is in capable and compassionate hands. Thank you, America, for the privilege of a lifetime. I have been humbled to serve as your Surgeon General. I look forward to working alongside you in new ways in the years to come."
He further added, "While I had hoped to do more to help our nation tackle its biggest health challenges, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have served."

"The role of the Surgeon General is traditionally to share wisdom with others, but it was I who learned so much by listening to your stories in town halls and living rooms. In fishing remote village Alaska,  church in Alabama, an American Indian reservation in Oklahoma, a school in Virginia, and in so many other places, I watched the grit and grace with which our fellow Americans live their lives," said by Vivek Murthy.

Confirmed by the senate by 51 to 43 votes in December 2015 by Vivek Murthy, The Vivek Murthy is appointed for a four year term, at the age of 37 Vivek Murthy was the youngest Surgeon General.

Parents of Vivek Murthy are originally from Karnataka, India.

Vivek Murthy was born in Huddersfield and family relocated in Miami, Florida when Vivek Murthy was only 3 year old.

Vivek Murthy received an MD from the Yale School Of Medicine and MBA in Health Care Management from the Yale School Of Management.

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