On Triple Talaq Smriti Irani Takes On Mamta Banerjee With A Jab

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed an FIR against the Congress leaders in the Narada sting case. It is said by the Chief Minister of West Bengal that all the political game that she would fight politically. She launched the fight-back from Puri in Odisha, at a press meet and on Facebook, today. "BJP was a blot on Hinduism, regional parties must unite and she may even meet the Odisha chief minister tomorrow," she said.

Smriti Irani the Union Textile Minister, hurled a googly at Ms Banerjee in Kolkata. Smriti Irani said, "I am ...in a state headed by a female chief minister. When we are talking about justice for all, I would love to know what Mamata di has to say about triple talaq."

Smriti Irani’s stand on the issue is not spelt by Ms Banerjee, Smriti Irani question diagonally referred to BJP’s charges against Ms Banerjee of minority appeasement. After hours, ‘Go Back Mamata’ shouted with a handful of Bajrang Dal and the BJP Yuva workers, at the time she entered the Jagannath Temple in the evening.

Five people have been detained from yesterday. As Ms Banerjee launched her offensive by then, she said, "Oye Dilliwalas you cannot manage Delhi and go to different countries saying that Bengal, Bihar, Odisha are bad.’

Ms Banerjee further added, "We are all bad. Only you are good?" Every regional parties should have good relations and try to work together for Unionism. Will we allow and sir back? If BJP disturbs us. We will go to their territories said by Ms Banerjee.

When slammed BJP on Hindutva the comment came after that by Ms Banerjee that, "I am born a Hindu but my Hindutva is not a disgrace on Hinduism...The BJP is a blot on the Hindu religion," she said, adding, "Divide and rule politics is their only politics."

“Divide all the states, divide Hindu and Muslim, divide Muslim and Christian Bengali and Bihari and all other states, but we will not allow. Sarey jahan say achacha Hindustan hamara.”

Ms Banjerjee was Belittling on Facebook ‘One section of religious group, belonging to a political party ruling at the centre and also in the name of their sister organizations and others... are distorting my views...and misleading people with my photos through fake accounts.’

There is an understanding between BJP and Trinamool even after the Narada FIR, as it is been claimed. Today Smriti Irani has dismissed completely, and it indicates that there is badly tension between the two parties as Ms Banerjee’s offensive is seemed.

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