Triple Talaq Issue Helped BJP To Gain Votes : Says Naidu

After the huge victory of BJP in UP and Uttrakhand,  there is a buzz all around in the media and among parties, how come a party have gained such a immense support of people who have not voted them also gave them more then 2/3 majority of seats, to form their government. In UP it will be after many years that a national party will form Government.  Every party and journalists have their different views related to the party's victory.

Many Journalist says Demonetization is major chance for people to vote and support BJP as they want much needed chance which is provided by PM Modi. By his many initiatives which many parties lack to take. Many debated its not party winning its PM Modi winning, as people Trust PM modi and want him to work to serve country in a correct manner.

After this Union minister Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday also gave his opinion as to why he thinks party won the Assembly elections 2017 in UP,  Uttrakhand and Goa, therefore he said, " Because of the triple Talaq issue,  Muslim women,  especially younger women, voted for us".

He further says-"There will be Muslim representatives in the BJP-led UP government, and Naidu added-"If MLA is not there,  an MLC will be there".
He said, " It Was an Weakness. We could not find suitable candidates of winning".

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