Travel Special: Sky High, The Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial, a enormous monument made of white marble based in the heart of the City of Festivity, Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) in West Bengal, India is one of the most popular monuments in West Bengal that has become a museum and famous tourist spot of the state. A innovation of George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston and Viceroy of India, this monument epitomising allure and dignity was dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria (1819–1901).


This grand and charming memorial not only stands as reminiscence to the decree of British Crown in the Indian subcontinent but also stands out as an magnificent architectural gem in Indo-Saracenic pastor style. It is a must visit tourist destination for first time visitors to experience the aspect of Victorian era in the midst of the bustling metro city of Kolkata.


Queen Victoria who endured Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since June 20, 1837 and princess of India since May 1, 1876 passed away on January 22, 1901. Ensuing her demise, Lord Curzon conceived the idea of constructing a huge and grand building with a museum and gardens where one and all can have a flash of the rich past.


The authority stone of the monument was laid on January 4, 1906 by the Prince of Wales George V who next became King George V on May 6, 1910. In 1921, the memorial was opened to public; despite it became part of a rural city instead of the capital city as by the time its architecture completed, the capital of India was conveyed from Calcutta to New Delhi under the instruction of King George V. An application made by Curzon to fund the architecture of the memorial saw many including royals, individuals along with the British government in London to come forward and contribute voluntarily. The total cost of building the memorial came to Rs. 105, 00,000



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