Travel Special: From The Eye Of River Ganga, Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge also noted as Rabindra Setu is a break type balanced cantilever bridge located in West Bengal, India. It joins Howrah and Kolkata. The Bridge is made over the river Hooghly (a branch of River Ganga).

. Lets Check About Some Facts Of Howrah Bridge

  • The architecture of the bridge was made by Rendel, Palmer and Tritton and the bridge was build up by Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company. The bridge is uphold by Kolkata Port Trust.
  • The Epic Howrah Bridge ranks 6thamong the cantilever halt type bridges. At the time of building up its rank was 3rd.
  • The creation of bridge was started on 1936 and ended in 1942. It was free for the public transport on 3 Feb 1943.
  • After the sign of Rabindranath Tagore (first Asian Nobel laureate), On 14 June 1965 the Howrah bridge was renamed to Rabindra Setu.
  • The bridge was buit by steel and one of the suppliers of steel was Tata Steel. It absorbed about 26,500 tons of steel. An awesome thing about the bridge is that no bolts and nuts were used in this bridge. The architecture was made by riveting the steel.
  • The length of the Howrah bridge is 705 meter and width is 71 ft with two footpaths of 15 ft on either side.
  • It brings a large number of traffic daily. About 1 million vehicles and 1.5 walkers use it. It is the active cantilever bridge in the world. Nevertheless the first vehicle to use it was a tram, from 1993 trams were stopped from using it to reduce the load.


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