Travel Special: Cliffhanger, The Cliffs Of Moher

Here is where the involution green hills of Ireland come to a shrilling halt. Astonishing cliffs drop seven hundred feet into the Atlantic, creating the Cliffs Of Moher  one of the highest coastlines in western Europe.

Some travel guides praised waiting for a sunny day to visit the cliffs, which is nice, if you have the leisure of waiting for sunny skies in Ireland. But it’s better still to go on a day of erratic weather, the kind of wind-broom afternoon that can change from sun to clouds to storms in a entity of minutes. The climatic power and beauty of the cliffs are brought to life under stormy skies. To stand at the tip of the zig-zagging cliffs makes for an fascinating place to watch the sky closes in, bringing a nebulous curtain of rain from the distance. Then, just as hastily, the clouds cripple and retreat, disappearing shadows over the inland hills as the sun returns.

 Based in County Clare, on the southwestern edge of the Burren land on Ireland’s west coast, the Cliffs of Moher draw roughly one million visitors every year, making the field one of the country’s top tourist attractions. But don’t let the thought of peoples at the Cliffs of Moher Geological Park deter you: the area has been gracefully preserved through careful planting by the Clare County Council. For the most part, the scenic views of cliffs are cheerfully unobstructed by man-made elements; even the park’s facilities—gift shop, museum, cafes, restrooms—were assembled into the side of a hill, rendering them nearly invisible.

 Opening from the visitors’ center, the aisle to the Cliffs of Moher forks off in two directions. On the right, a paved gallery leads up to O’Brien’s Tower, which spots the highest point of the cliffs. The rook-shaped architecture was built in 1835 by Sir Cornelius O’Brien. Nevertheless the tower was officially built as an conclusion point for Victorian-era tourists from England, tale has it that O’Brien’s true intent in constructing the tower was to affect female visitors.



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