“Trapped” Trailer Seems To Be A Perfect Thriller Movie

'Trapped' movie trailer was released today and it seems there has come some good story to give you  goosebumps.
Imagine how it looks or feels if you get trapped inside your own house and there is no one out there to help, no possibility of getting out. Where it feels very scary to get locked down in your own house alone, there is a full length movie coming out soon.
Vikramaditya Motwani is now entering in the 'Thriller' genre club with his next movie 'Trapped'. His previous work such as Udaan and Lootera. Raj Kumar Rao is in the lead role.
Story of the movie is staying on the top floor of the high rise building, Rao got locked inside his apartment. He tries his level best to get out or get the attention of any individual. He screams, lights up a fire and throws things from the window but nothing at all happens, no one comes for the help.
Yeah, he is 'TRAPPED'.
It will be quite thrilling to watch something like this in bollywood that a person battling out for his own survival. The film will come on Silver screen on 17th March.
You can see the trailer on the link provided below.

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