Traditional Cut-off list of DU is soon going to be changed with Entrance exam

Two months ahead of its usual deadline from May, Delhi University is planning to start it's admission process. From 2017, students will get admission through entrace exam rather than the usual Cut-off.

If it happens, it can be a bit complex  process for the students of CBSE and ICSE board as their board exam dates are going to have the collision as few competitive exams are being scheduled around those dates.

Now the process is under the authorities. It will be a part of the suggestions made by Standing committee on admissions to the VC.

Where as Mr. Tyagi, Vice-Chancellor of DU mentioned that they are waiting for the recommendation of the admission committee.After that, they will have the discussion with the stakeholder, teachers, students and the people outside of the DU system. He also added that "We are advancing the admission procedure by over a month so that it will offer a bigger window to the applicants."

One of the senior official mentioned ,"The traditional cut-offs based on marks of Class XII may no longer be the sole criteria for admissions in DU. An entrance test is being considered. However, modalities like whether it should be subjective or objective, the admissions should be solely on basis of entrance test or have a certain weightage for board marks, are yet to be discussed."

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