Threatens The Petrol Pump Owner’s For Sunday’s Off

Owner of petrol pump across the country have been unprotected to shut down the filling stations on Sunday until the demand for higher margins are met. The petrol stations will work from 9AM to 6PM said by them as to cut the costs, unless the Government intermediate. ‘Petrol Pump owners have decided to observe Sundays offs from 14th Monday as from 15th May the dealers will work from 9AM to 6PM, said by the General Secretary of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealer Ravi Shinde.

Mr. Shinde further added that ‘the petrol dealer’s associate will come in from 10th May as a ‘No Purchase Day’ to press for their demands.’

The Owners demand elaborated Mr. Shinde stated Oil Marketing Companies not honour their written promised to give dealer margins in line with Apurva Chandra committee report.

To the committee’s calculation, the amount of Rs. 3,333 per Kilo litre on petrol and Rs. 2,126 per Kilo litre on diesel, dealer should get as said by Mr. Shinde referring to dealers margin. ‘Currently we are getting Rs. 2,570 and Rs. 1,620 for petrol and diesel’ he stated.
In January the owners have been threatened to stop taking card payments levy on digital payments.

In India the Fuel consumption grew at a slower rate of 5% on 31st march 2017 the last fiscal year. Oil consumer saw demand for fuel and petrol products rise to 194.2 million tonnes in 2016-2017 at the world’s third largest oil consumer. The data showed from PPAC which stands for Petroleum Planning and Analysis of the oil Ministry.

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