The Tide of What lies beneath?

Here in the competitive world, there are infinite options to opt for after schooling but why the mob is attracted to specifically? Here we have listed what lies beneath the tide of

  • HR Department: - graduates are preferred for the HR Department because of their analytical sand problem solving skills.
  • Market Research: -Those who look for making a place in the business and market world, this option can be just perfect to let them establish themselves. Knowledge and skills provided by this course when combined with the field of Market Research can yield good results.
  • Banking Industry: - The bank officials are now more than just a piece of flesh and blood sitting on the computers. The banking industry require rather more skills that this course can provide effectively.
  • Fashion Industry: - It may seem as an out of the world thing for students but it’s not. The knowledge of costing could get you a place in almost every industry and her too.
  • The duo with law: - After graduation with many people go for a Law degree that help them further in private sector., MBA, MCA, CA are other duo combinations which can help you again.
  • Civil Service: - The goal to work as a government official in the civil services can be accomplished and this course can provide you with skills helpful in clearing the entrance exams.

The list does not ends here. There is a reason for the tide of which is still to be explored.

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