Opinion : The Sun Rises Again in ‘Nirbhay’ India

Karma serves what one deserves. Here in 21st century, one needs no God’s ink for his/her fate to be written but this responsibility is carried by the person only. When the man could not approach God for justice, he made reliable institutions, organisations and systems which make sure that no one escapes ‘Karma’. One such institution is Law and today the Supreme Court has proven that justice is the right of every individual and that none can escape the fruits of seeds one sow.

16th December 2012 was a day when the humanity became questionable, a day which gave fatal injuries to not only the hapless girl who suffered the brutal gang rape but also to the spirit of all women. In the brave lady, India sees the quest of justice which probably has been satisfied today after Supreme Court confirms death for the four convicts.

Justice to Nirbhaya will certainly make the country ‘Nirbhay’. The woman will always have the power to make and to create. Here she might not be with us today but the fact that she has created a ladder for India to reach the goal of ‘Nirbhay’ India shows that the ultimate power is in hands on the brave ladies and not the coward men who can function and display the show of their male authority in the confined, dingy moments of ‘night’. The day comes with such women who struggle till the end and India shall now see ‘the sun’.

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