Navratri Special: The Science Of Fasting On Shardiya Navratri

New Delhi: India is known for its unity in diversity and so are festivals celebrated here. From all the festivals celebrated by Hindus, Navratri holds an important place and celebrated twice a year with lots of enthusiasm.  During this some people fast on first and last day whereas some fast for all nine days, worshipping Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations.

Most people avoid non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic and alcohol during Navratri.  Fasting or avoiding these kind of food is beneficial for our body as according to Ayurveda our bodies tend to have low immunity and are more susceptible to fall sick during seasonal change. Eating foods like onion, garlic, grains or meat attract negative energies so they should be avoided during this time.

Fasting is beneficial for health as it helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. Purify the gastro-intestinal tract and balance the metabolic constituents. It helps giving rest to vital systems. The rest to the organs enable them to function better later. People who are non-vegetarian, turn vegetarian during this divine period are benefitted too as the toxins are flushed out from their body by antioxidants in the gastro- intestinal tract.

One must also take into consideration any health condition one may have. If you are suffering from diabetes, acidity or if you are pregnant, avoid fasting. You must be aware to not feast or starve when fasting. Some people tend to lose self-control while eating whereas some people starve themselves totally.  Overeating during fast can defeat the very purpose of fasting and too much fasting can lead to weakness, anaemia, headache and fatigue.

Enjoy the season of Navratri, purify your soul by the worship of Deity and body by letting all the toxins flushed out. Avoid heavy foods, full cream milk. Drink lots of water, lemon juice. Take vegetables that are rich in vitamins. Eat lots of fruits. Make this Navratri blissful and healthy for yourself and for your family.






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