The night of 16 December 2012 and The Present Day: Does human stands as humane?

Past can be veiled but the fact is it is bound to haunt the present. Four years back, on 16th December 2012 India faced its own face as a monster that possessed the tendency to eat up the honour of female folk.  Brutal gang rape that the hapless girl was forced to face in a moving bus by 6 men filled many hearts with horror. Politics, Entertainment, Sports might be the fields in which India excelled but Could India stand in the field of humanity? What is the situation when it comes to looking at the country after 4 years of this incident?

Fatal injuries that the girl was gifted with not only had their impacts on her physical body but the spirit of all women across the country could feel those injuries. On December 29, 2012 who passed away was not only that brave lady who struggled to survive but the spirits of all women who struggle every single moment to make sure that they exist in the patriarchal world. The struggle of this girl represents the struggle of entire womankind to live though being injured.

The incident brings forth the hollowness of politics whose agendas are merely limited to piles and piles of files. What could the anti-rape laws do when it comes to the real world where real women gets victimised in the dark. To what extent can the laws be considered lawful?

The situation gets worsened due to the patriarchal statements that the one-sided population remarks where the victim herself becomes the accused. There is one single shadow line between rape and sex and that is consent. Hence not only political laws, but also the black and white moral laws that our society has developed, needs to be reworked . The factor of consent is what makes a raped victim different from the man or woman who willingly makes love with his or her partner. Can the morality as we understand be really called morality? Hence not black or white morality but a grey zone has to be developed within the minds of society.

Here the society is the guardian, here the society is victimising, here the society laughs and it cries too. Here women can rule a country and here women are exposed to domestic violence. Here laws and morality judge all but the same are further categorised according to gender. Here plea for equality can arouse revolutionary spirits but here the political leaders pass judgments on women on the basis of the clothes they wear. Here wearing a short top is a taboo but the blouse of a saree makes woman traditional. Yes, this society exists but unfortunately this existence is a threat to existence of womankind.

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