The journey for being an Architect in India

The creators of this mechanised world are indeed responsible for glittering overview that a nation has. Let’s look at the journey of these creators namely architects have in India.

  • Clearing the entrance: - You are required to clear the entrance exam of JEE. One may also require to clear the NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) held by COA (Council of Architecture).
  • Firm in skills: - There may be many who clear the entrance exams but there are a handful of people who are able to establish themselves in this field. Hence those who are sure of their skills and do not compromise with it have a smooth journey.
  • College doesn’t matter: - When skills and interests are given priority the college one gets or the marks don’t decide one’s future. So a mediocre college or any top college do not make much difference in shaping the journey of an architect.
  • Practical Field: - No knowledge can be considered knowledge if it has no practical implications. The architect hence before coming professionally into the field has an experience under small internships along with the theoretical studies.
  • Higher Studies: - Just like knowledge knows no limits, so does the architect. Along with the higher studies one can continue working to have more knowledge in the practical field. And then comes a full – finished architect to finish and shape the nation.

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