Tejashwi Attacks Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi, ‘Aapko Sharam Nahi Aayi’?


Directly facing Nitish Kumar in the Bihar assembly ahead of a trust vote, Lalu Yadav's son Tejashwi Yadav made his debut speech as leader of opposition. "Aapko sharam nahin aayi? (Aren't you ashamed?)," said the 27-year-old, who was deputy Chief Minister till Nitish Kumar's abrupt resignation on Wednesday left him without a powerful post and his party RJD out of power.

Tejashwi's speech was themed around Nitish Kumar's "vishwasghaat (betrayal)". Heckled by the BJP, which sat in the government benches, junior Yadav said: "Nitish never dared to dismiss us but he ditched you people."

Nitish Kumar, sworn in yesterday as Chief Minister after a 14-hour gap, will shortly face the floor test along with the BJP and Sushil Kumar Modi as his deputy.

Outside the assembly, members of the RJD or Rashtriya Janata Dal raised slogans describing Nitish Kumar as a turncoat. "Main Kursi Kumar Hoon (I am Kursi Kumar)," said one of the posters they held up.

Tejashwi also joined the RJD protest before walking into the house.
The RJD has appealed for a secret "conscience vote" in which legislators are not bound by orders to vote for their party. RJD legislators are protesting on the steps outside the assembly.

Mr Kumar's sudden resignation torpedoed the grand coalition he had formed with Lalu Yadav and the Congress two years ago after days of deadlock over corruption charges against Tejashwi.

Mr Kumar said it was impossible for him to continue with Lalu Yadav, who had refused to allow Tejashwi's removal over the charges.

"He turned out to be a snake," Tejashwi told reporters before the session.




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