Tejas Will Take India To New Heights

Here, DailyAddaa presents  some facts about 'Tejas'

• The Tejas troop is called as "Flying Daggers".

• Six more Tejas fighter plane will be introduced to the Regiment.

• The Group captain ' M Rangachari' is the superior officer for the Tejas Troops. He was appointed with 7 officers and 42 Air Warriors to advice and assist him.

• Tejas was fourth creation fighter Air Craft that take to the air in 1,350 kmph.

• Tejas Aircraft is single engined, its weight is 8.5 tonnes and a multi - role supersonic fighter Aircraft.

• Tejas Troops was located in Bengaluru for the primary 2 years.

• The " Tejas Jet " had been outlined and refined by the Aeronautical Development Agency ( ADA ).

• Tejas can Carry Three tonnes of weapons.

Air Chief Marshal Raha said " It's a good Aircraft to fly and fit to be inducted into our flat".


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