In All Tamil Nadu Schools ‘Vande Mataram’ Must Be Sung , Says High Court

'Vande Mataram' must be sung in all Tamil Nadu's schools and colleges at least once a week, on a Monday or Friday, the Madras High Court has said today. In factories and offices, it must be sung at least once a month, the court has said.

Justice MV Murlidharan also said that no one should be forced to sing the national song if they have a "difficulty," but "valid reasons" must be provided for not doing so. He has directed the Tamil Nadu government to make available on government websites and social media, English and Tamil translations of 'Vande Mataram'. "If people feel it is difficult to sing the song in Bengali or in Sanskrit, steps can be taken to translate the song in Tamil," the judge said.

Several people have sacrificed their lives and families to the independent struggle that prolonged for several decades. In these tough times, it was songs like our national song "Vande Matharam" which created a sense of belief and confidence in the people."

"It would be desirable that the National Song 'Vande Mataram' is sung by citizens from different walks of life as frequently as possible in their educational institutions/offices/ workplace/stadiums," he added.

Justice Murlidharan said he hoped that his "order shall be taken in the right spirit and also implemented in letter and spirit,' noting that the "youth of this country are the future of tomorrow."

The court order applies to both government and private schools, colleges and offices.  

The order is part of the court's verdict on a petition by a man who had lost marks in a test for a teacher's job because his answer that 'Vande Mataram' was first written in Bengali was marked wrong. The teacher recruitment board said the right answer was Sanskrit.

The court has ordered that the petitioner be given the marks he was denied and that he be considered for a teacher's job when there is a vacancy next. 




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