Tamil Nadu Minister Disses Kamal Haasan: ‘He Has A Mental Disorder’

By the award winning actor-director Kamal Haasan stung by darts hurled at Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, who has hit back by a senior minister in the overnment of E Palaniswami. The acclaimed actor was mentally ill said by the Revenue Minister RB Udhaya Kumar. The minister said, that this is out conclusion, his retort to barbs from Mr Haasan accusing the government of doing little to curb crime and corruption.

In an Independence Day message which was loaded politically, the actor Kamal Hassan has questioned that why there were no demands for the resignation of the Chief Minister E Palaniswami despite in his government there are accusation of corruption. In comparison, Mr Haasan had pointed how the opposition wanted Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to quit after the death of children in eastern Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur hospital.

“To people I think he want to say something but does not know how to say. He is having some mental disorder may be. He got some mental disorder, that’s our conclusion,” to NDTV Mr Kumar told, asserting that the AIADMK cadre rejected Mr Haasan's statement.

Last month, Kamal Haasan had run into a trouble with AIADMK after he said that in Tamil Nadu everyone has to face the corruption. With the cases for what he has insisted was a misleading statement, threatned to him by one of the ministers.


Mr Haasan had called political parties, in his recent tweets, as Tamil Nadu's two bitter political rivals,  the DMK and AIADMK, "tools to help" achieve his objective of a better Tamil Nadu. "If those tools are blunt, find others," he said, in remarks seen to signal that he had no favourites and the state's welfare was all that was driving him.

Mr Haasan's presence with DMK's working president MK Stalin on the stage at an event to mark 75 years of the opposition party's mouthpiece had triggered speculation that he could join the DMK. Also present among the audience, was superstar Rajinikanth.





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