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After Pakistan announced that it will execute an Indian arrested there last year on charges of espionage, India retaliated by deciding it will not release 12 Pakistani prisoners who were cleared to return home tomorrow.

Kulbushan Sudhir Jadhav, 46, has confessed to spying for Indian intelligence agency, the Pakistani army said. He was found guilty by a military court which was closed to the public and was sentenced to death.

"Today, (army chief) Gen Qamer Javed Bajwa has confirmed his death sentence," a Pakistani military statement said, without stating when the execution would take place

Kulbhushan Jadhay former Indian Naval was arrested last year in Pakistan on charge of spying, and the former Indian Naval is sentenced to death.

The former India Naval was refused to extradite by the Pakistan Government, as he was arrested in Balochistan after entering country from Iran. Sartaj Aziz Pakistan’s Foreign Affair Advisor stated he was involved in ‘Subversive and Terrorist activities in Pakistan.’

Islamabad released what it alleged was a confession through a video of Former Indian Naval and said he will reveal how Indian engineers abandon and separatism in Balochistan

Kulbhushan Jhadav is a retired Indian Navy Officer as India has acknowledged, he was in any way connected to the government is been denied.

Mr. Jhadav were not allowed to meet even after repeated request for consular but diplomats did not allowed.

The official who was retired in 2013, was an active agent of RAW or Analysis Wing, it was the main allegation by Islamabad but this charge is been denied by the India.